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James Bond Day of the Dead Skull Cane Prop Replica - Spectre Numbered Edition

A handmade life size replica of the cane used by 007 in the Day of the Dead opening sequence of Spectre (2015). This is made in a series of 500 and comes with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.

Backstory. After escaping from the building explosion, James Bond tracks Sciarra through the Day of the Dead celebrations in the streets of Mexico City. He grabs the distinctive skull-topped cane from a member of the crowd to knock out one of Sciarra’s henchman, before boarding his helicopter in Zocalo Square.

Details. The moulds for this replica were cast directly from the original prop in the EON Productions Archives. Each piece is handmade to create a high quality reproduction of the original. The skull is cast in solid metal on a solid eucalyptus wood cane with chromed fittings and a removable rubber safety tip. Each replica comes in a presentation box and includes a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Dimensions. H 99cm/39"

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