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James Bond Kamal Khan's Lucky Dice - Octopussy Edition

Exclusive to 007Store.

Inspired by the iconic Octopussy (1983) backgammon scene, this is a pair of replica trick dice based on the ones used by Kamal Khan. 

Backstory. The scene is set.  Kamal Khan is playing the Major at backgammon and winning. “Damn! Always a double six when you need it!” says the Major. Kahn replies “It’s all in the wrist.” Khan's luck continues as Bond takes the Major’s position. 007 needs a double six to win and takes the opportunity to up the stakes, placing the Fabergé egg on the board as security.

"You need a great deal of luck to get out of this" says Khan.

Bond responds “Oh, luck? Well, then I shall use player’s privilege… and use your lucky dice.”

He rolls, never taking his eyes off Kamal… "Double sixes, fancy that…"

Details. James Bond Kamal Khan's Lucky Dice are weighted dice presented in a 007 drawstring bag with a story card. The perfect gift or desk accessory. 

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