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James Bond Lotus Esprit In Diorama - The Spy Who Loved Me Edition - By Johnny Lightning

A European exclusive. 

The James Bond Lotus Esprit In Diorama - The Spy Who Loved Me Edition - By Johnny Lightning is a 1:64 scale model of the iconic James Bond 1976 Lotus Esprit, also known as Wet Nellie. The die-cast metal replica can be displayed in the full colour gloss metal presentation stand, showing the movie poster artwork.

Backstory. Perhaps the single most outlandish car Bond has driven, the iconic white 1976 Lotus Esprit is capable of transforming from surface driving to submersible operations underwater.The underwater conversion system includes rudders and fins from the sides, a propeller replacing the back bumper, blackened windows to block out glare and a periscope rises from the roof. 

Details. The 1:64 scale model is made with authentic details from the film, using references from the Bond Archive. Made in high quality die-cast metal, the car sits within its diorama case, made of painted metal with an official 007 logo plaque. 

Collector's special edition. The makers run a special collectors edition version of all their 1:64 scale models, with a small percentage of the cars made in a different variation and mixed randomly into the run. These are highly collectible and sought after... until you open your box, you don't know if you will be lucky. The White Lightening edition pictured here is an example of the Lotus special edition, so look out for it!

The makers. Johnny Lightning cars have entertained collectors with their speed, detail and quality since 1969. The company specialises in muscle cars with models that are durable enough for kids to play with, yet a high level of realistic detail for adult collectors.

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