Q-Branch Tracking Device (Goldfinger Edition) - Numbered Edition

This is a numbered limited edition of only 500 pieces.

The Factory Entertainment prop replicas were created after a careful study of the original props in the Bond Archives to ensure maximum accuracy. The transmitting devices, or ‘homers’ as they are referred to on screen, are Q-Branch creations issued to James Bond as part of his field equipment in 1964’s Goldfinger.

Backstory. The smaller device was standard field issue for all agents. Its larger brother was designed to track vehicles from a receiver built into the dashboard of Bond’s iconic Aston Martin DB5, with an effective range of 150 miles. After being captured by Goldfinger and flown to the USA, Bond activated the smaller homer and concealed it in a special compartment in the heel of his shoe while on en-route. This alerted the CIA and MI6 to Bond’s location and allowed them to keep Goldfinger under close surveillance, eventually foiling his plot to irradiate the gold in Fort Knox.

Details. Please note this is not a toy and is not suitable for children. Free shipping worldwide. This product ships directly from USA so may be be subject to duty charges depending on your delivery destination.

Dimensions. 8.89cm x 2.54cm x 6.35cm