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James Bond 10-in-1 Pro Golf Tool - By Victorinox

A top quality multi-tool for all golf enthusiasts. Raise your game and lower your handicap with the James Bond 10-in-1 Pro Golf Tool by Victorinox. 

Details. The tool has ten useful features; large blade, tee punch, groove cleaner, bottle opener, nail file, scissors, repair tool, toothpick, tweezers and removable ball marker. Use the tee punch to tee up, even on hard or frozen ground. Repair the green with the repair tool. Slide out the ball marker as needed. Repeat until you've beaten your best score.

Dimensions. L91mm, 64g

Restrictions. Due to legal shipping restrictions, this product can only be delivered within the UK. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused; be aware that any international orders placed will automatically be refunded.

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