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Making Movie Magic Book - By John Richardson

Introducing the Making Movie Magic Book by John Richardson. 

Details. The son of pioneering FX technician Cliff Richardson, Oscar winning special effects supervisor and designer John Richardson has over five decades of movie making under his belt. Involved in over 100 films, including nine 007 adventures and the Harry Potter series, John now lifts the lid on his exciting career and reveals his vast photographic collection of unseen pictures.

In creating the magic that flows through these films – by creating huge explosions,  producing futuristic gadgets, making a man fly or breathing life into creatures that amaze and haunt us – Richardson has come to hold a unique place in cinema history. He has been Oscar-nominated six times and received the award for Aliens in 1986. This book blends autobiography and behind-the-scenes storytelling.

Dimensions. W19cm, H24.51cm, D2.03cm. 288 pages