Thunderball "Look Up... Look Out!" Art Canvas (85cm x 120cm)


A large printed art canvas of the iconic three-piece graphic poster from Thunderball (1965). Please note that due to its size, this item is only available for UK delivery.

Backstory. After the success of Goldfinger (1964)this major/main UK/US poster campaign was intended to reassure cinemagoers that all the things they’ve loved about the first three films – the exotic action, the one-liners, the gadgets – are present and correct. The poster announces that the film is on an even grander scale – ‘Here comes the biggest Bond of all!’ In addition, new 007 iconography has been added to the mix, epitomised by the tagline ‘Look out!’, which combines the letter ‘K’ and the number ‘7’. It is a return to escapist fantasy – the art is almost comic-book in style. It features Bond rocketing upwards on a jet pack, perfectly poised, not a hair out of place. This sense of fun would prove vital to the continuing success and longevity of the franchise. It also includes Bond holding a Walther air pistol which never actually featured in any of the films. This piece of art crept in during a photo shoot for From Russia With Love in 1963, when publicist Tom Carlile showed up with Sean Connery at Magnum photographer David Hurn’s studio without the necessary prop, a Walther PPK handgun. Hurn substituted his own air pistol in the photo shoot, to be used as reference for the poster artist, with the reasoning that they could shorten the barrel in the process of interpretation but they didn’t, and the ‘wrong’ gun shows up in Bond poster art for years to come, even into Roger Moore’s hand. 

Details. Almost comic book in style, this graphic poster art shows Bond in a range of situations: escaping in the iconic Q jetpack, in an underwater fight scene with SPECTRE agents and looking debonair in orange scuba gear. 

Dimensions. W85cm/33.4", H120cm/47.2" 

Delivery. Please note that this is a made-to-order item, so please allow up to an extra 14 days for delivery.

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