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James Bond 007 x Penfold Golf Tool Set

Penfold celebrates the release of Dr. No in 1962 with the limited edition James Bond 007 x Penfold Golf Tool Set. 

Backstory. Designed by Maurice Binder, the Dr. No title sequence is a modernist vision: his titles create the visual elements that became icons of popular culture. The coloured dots change colour, position and form patterns at the same high tempo as the score and are just one element of a hugely influential sequence.

Details. Inspired by the iconic opening title sequence of Dr. No, the gift box contains a rectangular 36mm ball marker and single prong divot repair tool. Made from high quality  iron, the pieces feature enameled designs of the film's coloured dot motifs. The rear has debossed Penfold and 007 logos. Presented in a limited edition gift box.