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James Bond Dr. No Dots Backgammon Set - Numbered Edition - By Geoffrey Parker

A 007Store exclusive.  Made to order, please allow 8 weeks for delivery.

Discover a very special backgammon board worthy of James Bond. The 60th anniversary James Bond Dr. No Dots Backgammon Set is handbuilt for champions and aficionados by the world-renown Geoffrey Parker, the championship board supplier of choice. Individually handmade using coloured leathers inspired by the iconic Dr. No title sequence, each set has a unique three digit number - which 00 will you be?

Details. The board is covered in the finest Dauphin calf leather which is specially tanned for gaming. This creates a super-fast surface, with wine and tobacco resistance. Fine edged and weighted luxury leather checkers are edged in silver. Precision dice ensure a fair game.

  • The smallest board size allowed for competition play
  • 38mm diameter bridle hide & chrome checkers
  • 44.5mm doubling cube in leather & metal
  • Hand embossed 60th Anniversary 007 logo above the handle
  • Combines specially tanned calf leather and the quintessential English bridle hide to recreate iconic Dr No artwork.
  • Full leather hand stitched handle
  • Chrome combination locks
  • Pair of uncrushable dice cups, suede lined with trips
  • Inlayed limited edition 60th Anniversary 007 plaque 

The maker. Geoffrey Parker Games has been established for over 60 years, run by three generations of Parkers. Based in England, the company have a long history of creating the world's finest luxury games. Each piece is lovingly made by hand by a small team of craftspeople who have honed their expertise and skills over the years. All parts of the process are undertaken in-house. Once a design is established and prototypes approved, the board and all its elements will move through the workshop until a finished set of the highest possible quality is achieved.