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James Bond Octopussy Art Plate - Limited Edition - By Tom Rooth

Exclusive to 007Store. 

Introducing the James Bond Octopussy Art Plate by Tom Rooth. This large platter is designed as a collector's piece, made in a first edition of 100. Use it as a display piece, on a wall or table, or as a functional serving platter.

Backstory. The iconic octopus artwork was created by Maciek Piotrowski and appears in the film on hand tattoos, barge flags, and most memorably, on Octopussy's silk robe. 

Details.The plate features an octopus sketch by Tom Rooth, created after careful study of the various Octopussy paintings and drawings in the Bond Archive. Tom draws his designs, which are then screen printed and fired onto ceramic. The plate is glazed and is food and dishwasher safe.

Dimensions. D35.5 cm, H5.5 cm

Care. Wash by hand or dishwasher on a warm setting. 

About the maker.With a long background in the art world, Tom Rooth comes from a family of artists and was a senior art specialist at Christie's before setting up his ceramics studio. Tom says, "I’ve painted and drawn all my life and love working in ceramics, which I find a very expressive and tactile medium. I particularly like making plates, as they look fantastic hanging on walls as pictures, as well as displayed on tables and shelves. They are also functional, and an integral part of a good meal - one of the best and most important things in life."