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James Bond 007 x Penfold Heart Golf Balls - Set of 3

The classic Penfold Heart golf ball becomes even more uniquely identifiable with the official 007 logo taking the place of the number identity. 

From 1964's iconic Goldfinger appearance, Penfold has been linked with James Bond and this set of 007 x Penfold Heart Golf Balls features the iconic Penfold Heart stamp and the 007 logo. 

Backstory. In what is universally recognised as cinema’s most iconic golf scene, James Bond chooses a Penfold Heart to play larger-than-life millionaire Auric Goldfinger, who MI6 suspect of smuggling England’s gold reserves. After catching Goldfinger cheating, Bond brings a little gamesmanship of his own into play, switching balls and uttering the legendary lines, “Here’s my Penfold Hearts. You must’ve played the wrong ball somewhere on the 18th fairway. We are playing strict rules, so I'm afraid you lose the hole and the match.” 

Details. Box of three 007 x Penfold Heart balls, presented in a card-styled box inspired by Bond's love of the casino. The ball is a 3pc 332 dimple design with urethane cover - 100% urethane allows for added greenside spin and better feel vs. ionomer. The soft material helps wedge grooves better grip the ball on shots into the green, while maintaining shear resistance and greater durability.

The makers. Penfold Heart has been an icon in golf history since Penfold was established in 1927. A.E. Penfold had already made a name for himself by designing the "Maxfli" ball for Dunlop and when he set up his company, the goal was simple - produce the world's best golf ball with unique markings in line with Penfold’s flair and creativity. His namesake went on to be immortalised in Bond lore.