Ken Adam Goldfinger DB5 Art T-Shirt (Outlet Item)

Ken Adam Goldfinger DB5 Art T-Shirt (Outlet Item)


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This natural cotton t-shirt is printed with a iconic piece of Bond artistic history: the original Goldfinger (1964) car concept sketches for the DB5 modifications by legendary designer Ken Adam. This is the ideal tee for any car or Bond fan. 

Backstory. The artwork shows Production Designer Ken Adam's felt-tip pen ideas for up-speccing Bond's iconic Aston Martin DB5. An RAF fighter pilot during WWII, Ken Adam had a history of owning fast cars, including a super-charged Mercedes and a couple of E-type Jags. The legendary designer enthusiastically designed fantasy extras for Bond’s car which were unveiled for the first time in Goldfinger. Adam exorcised his personal traffic demons by adding battering-ram bumpers and Ben-Hur-style tyre scythes. He took a tip from Director Guy Hamilton on the advantages a revolving number plate affords you in avoiding parking tickets or, in Bond’s case crossing borders inconspicuously. Not all of the gadgets Adam envisioned here were actualised on the film car - including the flamethrowers and searchlight to house radar aerial - but it's a wonderful insight into the mind of one of the Bond series' visionaries.

Details. A heavyweight natural cream cotton crew neck t-shirt featuring a two colour print of the original Ken Adam drawing sheet from the Bond Archive,  showing his detailed notes and visual ideas. The t-shirt is finished with a small 007 logo in black 

Size guide. Small 36/38", Medium 38/40", Large 41/42", XL 43/44", 2XL 45/47"

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