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James Bond Day of the Dead Mask Prop Replica - Spectre Numbered Edition

A handmade life-size replica of the James Bond Day of the Dead Mask worn by 007 in the Day of the Dead opening sequence of Spectre (2015). This is made in a series of 500 and comes with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.

Backstory. The distinctive skull-shaped mask was designed by Jany Temime, Spectre Costume Designer and winner of two Costume Designers Guild Awards, who also supervised the creation of the prop. Jany choose to include a movable lower mandible to give better movement and expression. “The mask had to fit well with eyes, nose and mouth in the right places and also be the right proportions,” she says. “Daniel’s mask is a masterpiece because you can recognise him with it on.” The end result is a singular prop that is pivotal to one of the most visually striking and memorable scenes in recent cinema. 

Details. The moulds for this replica were cast directly from the original prop in the Bond Archives. Each is handmade to create a high-quality reproduction of the original. While the original prop was constructed from a lightweight semi-flexible material, for comfort and the practical demands of a film set, this replica has been cast in heavyweight epoxy to create a more durable display item. The mask incorporates the same articulated jaw mechanism and eyeglass arms as the original prop and also features a fully flock-lined interior.

Each replica includes:

  • Prop story booklet which incorporates a certificate of authenticity
  • Display stand
  • Numbered limited edition plaque
  • Removable elastic strap 
  • Presentation box

Dimensions. Mask is H 29.2cm/11.5", W 17.8cm/6", D 15.2cm/11.52" 

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