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James Bond No Time To Die Aston Martin DB5 1:8 Model Kit - Subscription - By Agora Models

Build your own museum-quality 1:8 scale model of Bond’s gadget-laden DB5 from No Time To Die. Complete with working digital number plates, ejector seat, firing mini-guns and many more features, this is a model kit like no other. Made in collaboration with EON Productions and Aston Martin, Agora Models of England are specialists in luxury builds for collectors. 

How it works. Each month, for 12 months, you receive a box containing sections of the car to build. It's not complicated: if you can build LEGO or Meccano you will be fine! Most of the work is screwing together, there is very little gluing, and it all comes pre-painted to a museum quality. 

Details. The James Bond No Time To Die Aston Martin DB5 1:8 Model Kit - Subscription - By Agora Models includes all the gadgets from the 2021 film, including changing number plates - first seen in Goldfinger - updated in this latest design with LED screens. Other gadgets also include tyre slashers, bulletproof glass, a brace of M134 mini-guns that extend from behind the headlights, mine dispenser with dropping mini-mines, full command control panel with slider smokescreen control, working ejector seat with button and roof markings. Plus, of course, replicas of the distinctive side strakes that were used to eject shells from the mini-guns, chrome bumpers, and 12-inch crossbow wheels. Choose to reflect the extensive damage caused in the Matera attack, or the pristine version.

functional m134 mini-guns

• Individual motors give fully motorised spin with light and sound firing effects

• Hidden behind headlights sockets and extend out when manually activated


• 1:8 scale mini-mines stored and dispensed from a shelf behind the rear bumper

functional EJECTOR SEAT

• Passenger seat

• With ejector removable roof panel.

digital license plates

• Choice of three LED numbers to match the film production car 

• A fixed number plate BMT 216A is also included 


• Front, rear and brake lights


• Full command control panel with slider smokescreen control

• Flip the console lid in central armrest to see the defence mechanism controls 

illuminated tracking system

• Hidden behind the sliding grille 

light-up dashboard
cartridge expellers

• Hidden in the side strakes


• From 12” crossbow wheels

chrome bumpers
remote control

• Allows you to control the mini-guns, number plate, interior and exterior lights

Number plate

• Digital and standard models included


• Two sets of wheels are included so you can construct the individual spokes for each wheel or use the pre-built ones 


• Two sets of windows are included – a pristine set and another that replicates bullet damage to the bullet-proof glass

• A set of ‘paint scrape’ decals allow you to add authentic damage to the bodywork