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James Bond 007 Secret Agent Attaché Case - Numbered Edition


Introducing the re-issue of the James Bond 007 Secret Agent Attaché Case, one of the toy world’s most coveted collectibles. Celebrating the series' forthcoming 60th Anniversary, we celebrate this piece of movie memorabilia once more - this time as a collector’s piece, in a numbered special edition series.

Backstory. The case is inspired by James Bond’s trick attaché case seen in From Russia with Love and was first released as a toy in 1965.

Details. The 2021 case is made from the original 1965 moulds and includes a coding device for writing secret messages, a code book, a passport, international currency, secret business cards, gold coins and a viewing movie camera. Updates from the original include the flocked red interior (matching the movie prop), a replica of the original James Bond Secret Agent Movie Camera in place of the gun, and gold coins in place of bullets, inspired by those in the film. It also includes a Secret Agent Pen.
This pen writes with invisible ink. Can only be read by another “00 Secret Agent” with another “Secret Agent Pen” as the pen has an ultra-violet light to reveal the secret message.

This edition is individually numbered and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity, suitable for framing.

The attaché case is made with black simulated leather, gold metalwork and 007 combination locks with a dagger insignia. 

Dimensions. L21", W21.5", D3". 4 lbs


"As a long-term collector of James Bond memorabilia I am thrilled with this very special re-issue of the 1960's James Bond 007 Attaché Case classic toy. I know that American Classic Toy has worked very hard to carefully bring this toy to market. ACT has made this re-issue using the original tools and moulds whilst being very careful that it should stand up on its own merits and not confuse or be a detriment to the well-loved original toy. Mine will take pride of place on display."
Nick Bennett, holder of the Guinness Book of World Record for the World’s Largest Collection of James Bond Memorabilia

“I am proud to have been involved with this project and can’t wait to add the new James Bond 007 Secret Agent Attaché Case to my collection. I know first-hand that much passion and effort have gone into bringing back one of the truly iconic baby boomer toys many of us have loved as children. Finally, after five decades, we have a chance to acquire the original James Bond Attaché Case.”
Mike Kosowski of ToyMemories.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

When was From Russia With Love filmed?

From Russia With Love was filmed in 1963.

Who is in From Russia With Love?

Sean Connery reprises his role as James Bond alongside Bernard Lee as M, Desmond Llewelyn as Q, and Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny. Daniela Bianchi plays Tatiana Romanova, Eunice Gayson as Sylvia Trench, Pedro Armendáriz as Kerim Bey, Lotte Lenya as Rosa Klebb, Robert Shaw as Red Grant, Walter Gotell as Morzeny, Francis De Wolff as Vavra, Aliza Gur as Vida, Martine Beswicke as Zora, Vladek Shyebal as Kronsteen and Anthony Dawson as Blofeld.

Is this a limited edition James Bond collectible?

This is a special edition James Bond collectible - a numbered edition replica of the original best-selling 1965 toy. The new 2021 edition James Bond 007 Secret Agent Attaché Case is inspired by the Q-enhanced case seen in From Russia With Love.

Is this the same attaché case as used by James Bond in the movie From Russia with Love?

This limited edition item is inspired by the iconic attaché case in the second Bond movie, From Russia with Love. Bond’s case was for a 00 agent and contained a range of essential undercover accessories. This collectible is an update of the toy case inspired by the film and is made using all the original production molds. The new 2021 edition James Bond 007 Secret Agent Attaché Case has been updated for a modern collector. It features two sets of slides that have scenes from the movie, an updated replica cine viewing camera with a secret compartment, the original code book and Code-O-Matic machine, passport, secret UV business cards, wallet and currency, a secret agent UV pen and secret toy dagger. Each case has a unique number, a movie poster and a 007 Certificate of Authenticity.

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