Aston Martin DB10 - 2019 Spectre Edition By Hot Wheels


Get ready to take the 2019 Edition Aston Martin DB10 for a spin. Part of the Hot Wheels Entertainment series, this fully licensed release is a scale model of the concept car created for Spectre (2015). Complete with metal body, chassis and real rubber tyres, the DB10 is ready to take home now 

Backstory. The DB10 plays a standout role in Spectre and marks the very first time that Aston Martin had created a concept car specifically for the series. Described by Q as "magnificent", it could go “0-60 in 3.2 seconds", was "fully bulletproof" and had "a few little tricks up her sleeve.” Think flame throwers, ejector seat and more. 'Borrowed' from Q's workshop by 007 to get to Sciarra's funeral in Italy, the DB10 starred in the incredible road chase through the streets of Rome, before ending up in the Tiber.

Details. A premium die-cast car with the highest amount of detail. This is known as a Metal/Metal Hot Wheels model. It has a Metalflake Silver die-cast metal body, black die-cast metal chassis, DB10 AGB rear license plate, rubber tyres, tinted windows, black interior and detailed headlights.

The maker. Hot Wheels was founded in 1968 as a premium maker of die-cast toy cars by American toy specialists Mattel. The cars were originally intended for children and young adults, but are now widely collected by adults around the world.

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