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"The Moonraker" James Bond Socks - By The London Sock Exchange

Welcome to The London Sock Exchange x 007 Anniversary Edition, a very special James Bond Socks collection celebrating some of the most memorable moments from the film series. "The Moonraker" James Bond Socks by The London Sock Exchange pays homage to Roger Moore in Moonraker (1979).

Backstory. From Japan in the East (You Only Live Twice, 1967) to San Francisco in the West (A View To A Kill, 1985), to Iceland in the North (Die Another Day, 2002) and Madagascar in the South (Casino Royale, 2006): for 60 years we’ve watched 007 journey to the farthest flung corners of the globe as he doggedly undertakes his missions. No journey has taken James Bond anywhere more exotic than his destination in 1979’s Moonraker – in which 007 ventures off the planet and into outer space for the very first time. It’s this groundbreaking, gravity-defying mission which we mark in ‘The Moonraker’.

Details. A flecked black sock with mini 007 motifs in two spacesuit and laser gun poses. Each and every sock is crafted for comfort and style, woven with 200 needles - the highest gauge used on socks. Due to the density of this weave, the socks are not only finer but also stronger than your average pair. The toe is hand­linked for a perfect, seamless finish and maximum comfort. Each  James Bond Socks pair is finished with a honeycomb welt, to give a more comfortable, flexible fit around the calf.

Material. 69% cotton, 30% nylon, 1% elastane. The sock is principally constructed out of cotton; the finer nylon fibre is used for the detailed motifs and elastane is used in the ankle band to make sure it stays up on the calf.

Size. 7-12 (UK) / 41-47 (EU)

Styling notes. Pair them with fitted ivory slacks and bright white pumps for a look which really is out of this world.

The maker. When school friends Dan and Oli founded The London Sock Exchange in 2014, they ripped up the rulebook when it comes to making high-quality high-street socks. Since then, they've been on a mission: to make the ultimate luxury sock for the many. That means each pair of socks is finished by hand, for seamless comfort. It means each of the socks features a unique honey-comb welt up top, for greater flexibility and fit on the calf. And it means each pair feature only the best in British design, each woven with 200 needles for a finer, stronger finish.