Thunderball "Look Up... Look Out!" Mounted Art Print (30cm x 40cm)


A high quality mounted art print of the iconic three-piece graphic poster from Thunderball (1965).

Backstory. After the success of Goldfinger  (1964), a major poster campaign was launched for Thunderball, highlighting the exotic action, one-liners and gadgets of the film. The poster announces that the film is on an even grander scale – ‘Here comes the biggest Bond of all!’ In addition, new 007 iconography has been added to the mix, epitomised by the tagline ‘Look out!’, which combines the letter ‘K’ and the number ‘7’. It is a return to escapist fantasy. 

Details. Almost comic book in style, this graphic poster art shows Bond in a range of situations: escaping in the iconic Q jetpack, in an underwater fight scene with SPECTRE agents and looking debonair in orange scuba gear. The print has a cream board mount and is already to frame.

Dimensions. W30cm/11.8", H 40cm/15.7"