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Floris No.007 is a rich, multifaceted scent, with a warm depth and an air of style and sophistication, whilst exuding a sense of insouciance and excitement. 

We asked Edward Bodenham, Floris Perfumery Director and 9th generation family member to tell us more about the inspiration behind the scent. 

“Drawing on Bond’s charming and sophisticated, yet nonchalant charisma, it was our desire to create a fragrance with strong character and style, but with an uncompromising edge. The stunning locations of the 007 films served as one of our constant muses and a source of inspiration to steer the composition, as did many of the ingredients used to create James Bond’s favoured martinis. Fragrance has a magical ability to lift the spirits and transport your mind somewhere else, and with No.007 we boldly strived to recall the exciting, enjoyable memories and appreciation of the rich tapestry of spectacular James Bond films over the decades.”

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