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Returns and Exchanges

You have 30 days from receipt of goods to notify us if you wish to exchange an item or simply return it for a full refund, less the original delivery charge.  

Our returns process is simple. Ensure your item is in perfect, unused condition, complete with tags and labels. Email us at to discuss your issue and include your order number. We will agree on a course of action and give you specific instructions. 

To return it to us, rewrap the item in its original packaging, complete with documentation and post to:

Unit 11, The Edge, Humber Road

We will then process your return, refund or exchange.

If your product is faulty please contact us immediately at Be aware that a damaged/faulty item can only be replaced for the same item.

Yes there are a few things to be aware of before you buy. Due to health and safety restrictions, jewellery is non-refundable and perfumes and personal care items cannot be returned if seals, cellophane or packaging has been opened. Shoes and apparel cannot be returned if tags have been removed, or the item has been worn or washed.

Sorry, this is not possible. All orders from this online store need to be dealt with by our online customer services team and sent back to our warehouse. Products bought from another retailer or a 007 live experience must be returned or exchanged at the place of purchase.