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60 years of 007 style combines with Lock & Co.'s 346 year heritage of hat making as we introducing the first three designs of a new collection of hats. Cementing a long-standing relationship between the two British brands, the Lock & Co. designs are inspired by Bond's past and present, referencing archive hats from the series.

The distinctive square-top bowler hat pays homage to the original design made by Lock & Co. for Oddjob actor Harold Sakata in Goldfinger. Made in a limited series of just 60 pieces, this collector's piece is crafted by hand in the traditional way with a highly breathable internal leather sweatband, a black mourning band and finished using black Escorial wool. The particularly fine quality of wool comes from a rare sheep breed founded by King Philip II of Spain in 1584. Escorial is a rare and luxurious wool, which today can only be found in small numbers in Australia and New Zealand. The Escorial fibre is like a curled spring and when stretched throughout the production processes its natural memory returns it to the original curled state. It is this characteristic that makes Escorial hats lightweight and resilient.

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