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James Bond SPECTRE Agent Metal Ring Prop Replica

Step out of the shadows with your very own James Bond SPECTRE Agent Ring Prop Replica, as seen in Spectre (2015). Please note, this is a fun, lightweight replica in light metal. 

Backstory. Worn by Lucia Sciarra and then Hinx, the James Bond Spectre Ring leads Bond to the SPECTRE organisation headed by Blofeld. A SPECTRE agent's ring was first seen in From Russia With Love (1963). It was completely remodelled for the 2015 film and played a key role in Bond's mission. Designer Dennis Gassner worked with Key Graphic Designer Laura Grant to create a new version of the symbol which is used throughout the story.

Details. Molded from the original Bond Archive prop, the ring is cast in solid metal with the iconic secret symbol inlaid in black. The ring is made in one size to exactly match the original prop.

Dimensions. UK men's ring size Y, EU size 67, US size 12 

A handcrafted sterling silver prop replica is also available here.