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James Bond Octopussy Soundtrack Double CD Set - 40th Anniversary Expanded Remastered Edition

Part of a limited edition of just 5,000. Introducing the 40th Anniversary remastered and expanded 2-CD re-issue of composer John Barry’s original motion picture score to Octopusssy. This new release showcases the film’s music in exhilarating fashion, with improved sound and never-before-released material.

Backstory. Composer John Barry delivers another bold, thrilling, dramatic and romantic orchestral score, along with a smooth, sensuous title track performed by Rita Coolidge. Here the composer combines his chase-and-action style from the ’60s with his more sophisticated, symphonic approach of the late ’70s and early ’80s, giving 007 the best of both musical worlds. 

Details. Produced by Neil S. Bulk and mastered by Doug Schwartz, Disc One of this deluxe release showcases the film’s Score Presentation and additional music, while a remaster of the original 1983 soundtrack album is housed on Disc Two, along with the CD premiere of the “Extended Instrumental Version” of “All Time High”!

The film score on Disc One has been sourced from ¼ inch stereo tapes of the film mixes, while Disc Two’s original 1983 soundtrack and the “Extended Instrumental Version” of “All Time High” are from ¼ inch stereo album masters. All of the tapes have been newly transferred in high resolution for this set.

This special release is limited to 5,000 units and features exclusive in-depth liner notes by “The Music of James Bond” author Jon Burlingame and design by Dan Goldwasser. Combined length of the double CD is 1 hour, 53 minutes, 11 seconds.

Disc 1 (73:03 minutes)

Score presentation (60:43 minutes)

  1. Gun Barrel And Airbase*  :51
  2. Bond Look-Alike*  2:59
  3. Fill Her Up  :44
  4. All Time High (Performed by Rita Coolidge) 3:05
  5. 009 Gets The Knife And The Property Of A Lady  1:35
  6. Kremlin Art Repository And Sotheby’s  1:22
  7. India  1:00
  8. Magda And Spend The Money Quickly, Mr. Bond  :50
  9. Gobinda Attacks*  2:14
  10. Easy Come, Easy Go*  1:50
  11. All Time High (Instrumental)  1:48
  12. That’s My Little Octopussy  3:13
  13. Arrival At The Island Of Octopussy  3:23
  14. Bond At The Monsoon Palace  3:04
  15. Palace Intrigue  1:43
  16. The Mysterious Octopussy  2:36
  17. Bond Meets Octopussy  3:36
  18. Yo-Yo Fight And Death Of Vijay (Extended Version)  3:54
  19. Checkpoint Charlie And The Romanov Star  1:06
  20. The Chase Bomb Theme (Film Version)  1:55
  21. Fight With Mischka  :56
  22. Follow That Car*  1:02
  23. The End Of General Orlov  1:51
  24. Gorilla Suit And Death Of Grischka  1:26
  25. The Bomb Arrives And Clowning Around  1:48
  26. The Palace Fight (Extended Version)*  5:00
  27. Kamal Khan’s Death And Finale  2:01
  28. All Time High – End Title (Performed by Rita Coolidge)  3:03

 Additional music (12:11 minutes)

  1. British Ambassador  :48
  2. Vijay’s Pungi*  :32
  3. Gangaur Ghat  1:20
  4. Bazaar  1:09
  5. Let The Sport Commence  2:59
  6. The Hunt Continues  2:10
  7. The Floating Palace  :53
  8. Distraction  2:07

Disc 2 (40:08 minutes)

Original soundtrack album (36:10 minutes)

  1. All Time High (Performed by Rita Coolidge)  3:04
  2. Bond Look-Alike*  2:59
  3. 009 Gets The Knife And Gobinda Attacks*  3:06
  4. That’s My Little Octopussy  3:13
  5. Arrival At The Island Of Octopussy  3:23
  6. Bond At The Monsoon Palace  3:04
  7. Bond Meets Octopussy  3:36
  8. Yo-Yo Fight And Death Of Vijay  3:45
  9. The Chase Bomb Theme  1:57
  10. The Palace Fight*  4:32
  11. All Time High – End Title (Performed by Rita Coolidge)  3:03

Bonus track

  1. All Time High (Extended Instrumental Version)  3:52

* Contains “James Bond Theme” written by Monty Norman