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James Bond Golden Gun Magnet

A 007Store exclusive.

Introducing the James Bond Golden Gun Magnet, a mini replica of one of the cinematic world's most iconic weapons. Scaramanga's Golden Gun is featured in The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) and has been reimagined in exact detail as a fully three-dimensional magnet. 

Backstory. The Golden Gun was made up of seemingly innocuous separate elements, that when combined created a deadly 4.2-calibre single-shot handgun. Scaramanga's lighter, fountain pen, cigarette case, cufflink and bullet could be smuggled through customs without detection, allowing him to carry the gun at all times.

Details. This James Bond magnet has been created after a meticulous study of the original prop in the Bond Archive. Crafted from a gold-coloured metal zinc alloy, the fully 3D magnet is presented in a black gift box.

Dimensions.L50mm, H31mm

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