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James Bond Oddjob Hat Prop Replica - Goldfinger Numbered Edition

Introducing the James Bond Oddjob Hat Prop Replica - Goldfinger Numbered Edition by Factory Entertainment. Made in a series of just 1,000, the prop replica comes presented in a museum quality case, allowing you to display it in a number of ways.

Backstory. Square Crown Bowler style hats were originally chosen for the character from a selection at London theatrical and film costumier, M.Berman Ltd. These were given to Oscar-winning special effects expert John Stears, to modify. Different stunt hats were created for different uses. One design with a full underbrim ring was made with metal supplied by New Pro Foundries Middlesex. Another was given an embedded metal rim that allowed it to be firmly fixed in place between the Fort Knox bars on set. A third style was modified with an internal mechanism that allowed it to travel along a guide wire and be controlled as it moved through the air.

Lock & Co. hatters were then commissioned to make the custom costume hats for Oddjob to wear. 

Details. The prop replica was created after careful study of the original SFX hat with the embedded rim in the EON Productions archives, as well as reference photographs and original production drawings. The original archive hat was hand-measured, and a 3D model was created from these measurements in order to create wooden molds, or ‘forms’, that were then used to press and stretch woolen felt into the correct shapes.
Screen accurate finishing details include black edging ribbon and a satin hat band on the exterior, satin lining and leather band on the interior, laser cut brushed stainless steel metal ring.
The hat comes with a museum-style mirrored display base with acrylic cover, specially designed magnetic supports and an individually numbered metal plaque bearing the unique edition number of each piece. Each replica also includes a certificate of authenticity booklet. The edition size for this replica is 1,000 pieces. 

Dimensions. Hat is sized at a screen accurate 7 3/8”/58cm hat size. W12"/30cm, D11"/27cm, H5.5”/15cm). Display case W13.25"/34cm, D13.25"/34cm, H11.25”/27.5cm

Weight. Hat 0.8lbs/0.4kg. With display case 11.2lbs/5.1kg