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James Bond Gold Bullet Magnet

Exclusive to 007Store.

Introducing the James Bond Gold Bullet Magnet, a mini replica of one of the cinematic world's most iconic props. Perfect for the fridge, study or office. 

Backstory. A message with intent. In The Man With The Golden Gun, MI6 receives a single gold bullet inscribed ‘007’. They believe the sender is the mysterious assassin Francisco Scaramanga and Q’s team trace the bullet back to master gunsmith, Lazar, in Macau. Their tests show the bullet is 23-carat gold with signs of nickel, weighs 30.003g and fits a 4.2 mm barrel. The bullet is custom designed for the Golden Gun, Scaramanga’s unique one-shot handgun, made by Lazar.

Details. A polished heavy metal magnet inscribed with 007 with a strong magnet on the reverse. Presented in a black gift box.

Dimensions. L40mm