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Scalextric James Bond Lotus Esprit S1 Slot Car - The Spy Who Loved Me Edition

Perhaps the single most outlandish car 007 has driven, the iconic white Scalextric James Bond Lotus Esprit S1 Slot Car is the latest addition to the Scalextric racing set. This model is the Lotus in its surface driving road mode, before transforming into submersible underwater mode. Appearing in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), the slot car has all the details from the original vehicle.

Backstory. The Lotus Esprit S1 is known for its polygonal ‘folded paper’ like design but was ultimately made famous when it was driven by James Bond in the The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). The car was delivered by Q to the Island of Sardinia fitted with a range of modifications. After a long chase around the island, fighting off attacks from a motorbike, a Ford Cortina and helicopter, the only way to escape was to go into the sea and go into submarine mode. After an under-water duel, Bond and Russian Agent Major Anya Amasova emerge driving the Lotus up the beach much to the shock of the sun bathers as the car turns back into its road going format and speeds off in a true James Bond style.

Details. A 1:32 scale model, suitable for ages 5+. The car has rubber tyres, easy change pick-ups, high detail Magnatraction and xenon-effect headlights. It is also digital plug ready - digital plug not included.