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James Bond Six Sock Giftbox - By The London Sock Exchange

The James Bond Six Sock Giftbox by The London Sock Exchange is a special edition gift set paying tribute to six decades of 007.

The socks are presented in a limited edition collector's box with hidden features worthy of Q Branch itself, including a hidden sliding panel detailing a timeline of all 25 Bond films. From the finer points of Rosa Klebb's maid disguise in From Russia With Love, to the white cat on Blofeld's lap, and the skewered olive in the perfect shaken dirt martini – each pair of socks in the giftbox stands out for its attention to detail.

Details.The set includes The Shaken, The Klebb, The Agent, The Baron, The Off-piste and The Stavro - and styling notes for each pair. The London Sock Exchange uses a signature 200-needle knitting process to render the imagery with next-level definition. The socks are knitted from the highest quality, sustainably-sourced melange combed cotton yarns – so they don't just look the part, they feel the part too. 

Material. 69% cotton, 30% nylon, 1% elastane. The sock is principally constructed out of cotton; the finer nylon fibre is used for the detailed motifs and elastane is used in the ankle band to make sure it stays up on the calf.

Size. 7-12 (UK) / 41-47 (EU)

The maker. Socks can’t change the world. But they can put a smile on your face. Since The London Sock Exchange  launched in 2014, they’ve been on a mission to do just that. Today, they’re an independent British design studio dedicated to making amazing socks, for a reasonable price, and upholding the highest standards in sustainability. From their British studio they conceive socks which are playful, contemporary and full of charm. They then work with carefully-selected partners and manufacturers to ensure the highest, most ethical standards in crafting their socks. That means every single pair is knitted with 200 needles for next-level detail and a finer, stronger finish, and is finished by hand for a seamless fit.