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Is this the most iconic car in the world? We think so. The Aston Martin DB5 enjoyed a starring role in 2021’s No Time To Die where it had its biggest action sequence since its 1964 debut in Goldfinger.

Bond is behind the wheel driving up an Italian coast road with Madeleine, the car sporting the number plate A 4289 00. A short while later, the DB5 takes to the streets of Matera when Bond and Madeleine bid to escape an attack. Bond guides the DB5 through Matera’s winding streets, unloading a batch of cluster of mini mines from the car's rear. With assassins still clinging to his tail, Bond then powers the DB5 down a flight of steps before grazing it on a wall as he slips through a narrow alley. Just as he thinks he may have shaken his pursuers, an SUV smashes into his side, spinning the car into the middle of a piazza. Villains surround the car and pepper the DB5 with machine gun fire. Bond and Madeleine are protected by bullet-proof panels and glass, and when it seems that the glass might shatter, Bond flicks a switch on the car’s centre console, which drops the front headlamps to reveal a brace of mini-guns. He unleashes a hail of bullets while spinning the car in a 360-degree circle. As the enemy scatter, he then releases a smoke screen from the exhaust and makes a swift escape before ditching the car at the railway station.

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