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James Bond Q Glider Model - No Time To Die Edition - By Corgi

Introducing the James Bond Q Glider Model - No Time To Die Edition - By Corgi. Designed for air-launched infiltration missions, the distinctive two-seat folding wing glider developed by Q-Branch was used by Nomi and James Bond to storm Safin's poisoned garden island base. 

Backstory. Located in the Sea of Japan, the island required a rapid yet stealthy approach which only the glider was capable of achieving. Dropped from a Royal Air Force Boeing C-17A Globemaster in a compact form, the glider immediately springs open into a deployed flight configuration that, upon reaching surface level, transforms again into a submersible for the final arrival at Safin’s base. While not a real aircraft, the Q Glider was created as a full-size physical prop with an opening canopy by the No Time To Die production team for use on set. The glider prop was used onboard a real Royal Air Force C-17A Globemaster at RAF Brize Norton and in a water tank set built at Pinewood Studios to create the interior submarine pen at The Poisoned Garden. Visuals of the glider deploying from the Globemaster were created using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).

Details. This a grey painted diecast model made to the same streamlined specifications as the prop in the Bond Archive.  Its wings fold out and extend to 42cm. The model comes with a clear acrylic presentation stand.

Dimensions. L14.70cm, H5.5cm, W42cm with wings fully extended 

The maker. Corgi is a leading manufacturer of high quality, pre-built, diecast models. Each model is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using the specifications of the original vehicle and constructed with precision-tooled diecast metal and plastic components.