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James Bond Bird 1 Rocket Prop Replica - You Only Live Twice Edition

Introducing the James Bond Bird 1 Rocket Prop Replica - You Only Live Twice Edition. This is a scaled replica of the mysterious spacecraft use by SPECTRE to hijack both American and Soviet spacecraft in You Only Live Twice (1967). This scaled prop replica is cast from solid metal and come with two interchangeable space capsules and a display stand.

Backstory.In the film, Bird 1 is a multi-stage rocket deployed to capture enemy spacecraft. The space vehicle is built by a shadowy Asian power together with Japan's Osato Chemicals & Engineering and is used by SPECTRE to capture US and Soviet astronauts. the intention: to provoke war between the superpowers. 

Details. This scaled replica includes the USA Jupiter black and white capsule and the Russian Vostok green capsule. The doors of the Bird One rocket are fixed in the open position allowing you to recreate the capture of either capsule. The capsule is fixed to the rocket by a simple twist on screwing mechanism. The model can be displayed on the acrylic display stand. 

Dimensions. L16.5cm/6.5", H7.5cm/3", W8.8cm/3.5” 

Weight. 385g/13.6oz