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James Bond Micro Scalextric Race Set - Aston DB5 vs V8 Edition

Experience the adventurous side of 00 life with this official James Bond Micro Scalextric Race Set. The set pits Bond's iconic silver Aston Martin DB5 against the Aston Martin V8.

Backstory. Aston Martin has been James Bond’s vehicle of choice throughout the 007 franchise, and this set celebrates his most iconic choices.

Details. This battery operated set includes an Aston Martin DB5 and Aston Martin V8 and over 3.5metres of track. With nine track layouts, the set includes a ramp and the new lap counter booby trap track piece, which adds another dimension to the race. You can set the length of the race up to a maximum of 50 laps, then once the winner finishes the race the ejector is triggered to make their opponent fly off the track! With speed limiting hand controllers, Magnatraction and super durable cars, ensure younger racers have fun and stay in control. You can convert it from battery to mains power with the new Micro Scalextric Mains Powered Track Piece, available from the Scalextric store.