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Scalextric James Bond Ford Mustang Convertible Slot Car - Goldfinger Edition

The Scalextric James Bond Ford Mustang Convertible Slot Car is based on the model driven by Tilly in Goldfinger (1964). Add it to your 007 Scalextric race garage and enjoy this slot car expertly crafted with red interior and authentic details.

Backstory. The 1964 cream-white convertible is driven by Tilly Masterton whom first encounters Bond on a winding road through the Swiss mountains. 007 purposefully punctures the car's tyres for a chance to introduce himself. 

Details. A replica of the Mustang in 1:32 scale. The car has rubber tyres, easy change pick-ups, high detail Magnatraction and xenon-effect headlights. It is also digital plug ready - digital plug not included. Suitable for ages 5+.