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James Bond Moonraker Laser Gun Prop Replica - Numbered White Edition

“Mr. Bond, you persist in defying my efforts to provide an amusing death for you.“ 

Discover the James Bond Moonraker Laser Gun Prop Replica - Numbered White Edition by Factory Entertainment, made for 2022 in an edition size of 750. The new edition features an ultra-bright blue LED 'laser' effect powered by a battery pack, scope detail and a movable 'selector-lever’.

Backstory. This semi-automatic directed-energy weapon was designed primarily for space warfare. The white version is first seen as a testing prototype in the Brazilian courtyard by one of Q's team. At the space shoot out at the film's climax, laser weapons are used by the US Marines - both as hand held weapons and mounted onto their spacewalk apparatus - and by Drax's guard. The original props were polyurethane and rubber with no moving parts. They were specially constructed for the film by the prop department, and a large quantity of different props were produced. The main body was constructed around a casting taken from a toy gun. Various real-world parts, including plumbing supplies, were added to complete the fantasy look. After appearing in Moonraker the gun was used in the computer game GoldenEye 007 in 1997.

Details. The prop replica was created after careful study of the original props in the EON Productions archives, as well as reference photographs and original production drawings and blueprints.

The replica features an ultra-bright blue LED light effect, activated by a concealed button. Both as a homage to the ground-breaking rotoscoped visual effects and to enhance the 1970's laser-weapon aesthetic.

Inspired by the gun’s later appearances in 007 video games, scope detail and a movable ‘selector-lever’ have also been incorporated into the replica.

All the detail on the original has been retained including some of the casting asymmetry on the handmade original, which would not have been visible on screen and a missing trigger. Triggers were deliberately omitted to allow actors wearing thick astronaut style gloves to use the props. This makes the replica visually indistinguishable from the original. However, a heavier weight poly resin and an internal support frame have been employed on the replica to give it more strength than the original. 

Each replica includes a certificate of authenticity booklet, a display stand and an individually numbered metal plaque. The edition size is 750 pieces.

Requires 2 x AAA (LR3) batteries - supplied.

A limited edition black edition is also available here.