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James Bond The Spy Who Loved Me Lotus Esprit Model Car Kit - Collector's Numbered Edition Subscription - By Agora Models

Build your own museum-quality 1:8 scale model of Bond’s gadget-laden Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me, complete with acrylic display case, fully operational features and Q upgrades from the underwater scenes.

Complete with working propellers, lights, firing mini-guns and many more features, this is a model kit like no other. Made in collaboration with EON Productions and Lotus, Agora Models of England are specialists in luxury builds for collectors. The die-cast metal kit requires no painting, each part pre-painted, and ready to assemble using tiny screws. 

The Collector's Edition comes with a museum-quality display case to show and protect your model, and a numbered certificate of authenticity. 

How it works. Each month, for 12 months, you receive a box containing sections of the car to build. It's not complicated: if you can build LEGO or Meccano you will be fine! Most of the work is screwing together, there is very little gluing, and it all comes pre-painted to a museum quality. 

Details. The James Bond The Spy Who Loved Me Lotus Esprit Model Kit - Collector's Numbered Edition Subscription - By Agora Models includes all the Q upgrades from the 1977 film including rear propellers with motorised spin. The die-cast kit is comprised of approximately 500 pieces, each part pre-painted in authentic white car paint, and assembled using tiny screws. From the detailed replica 907 4-cylinder engine to the functioning pop-up LED headlights, this model is filled with exceptional detail. A remote control allows you to start the four motorised propellers and control a full selection of interior and exterior lights, while screen-accurate torpedoes, mines, rotating hydrofins and more, allow you to interact with all the gadgets. 

    The case. The bespoke acrylic display case features illuminated The Spy Who Loved Me and Agora Models logos with a metal specification plaque. The black-painted wooden base has a film-inspired terrain surface under the car, while the backdrop features a high quality, official film print of the Lotus. 

    Hydroplane Fins

    • Twist forwards and backwards

    Dashboard detail

    • Including the radar and nautical instrument displays


    • Authentic red and green tartan seats


    • The iconic Lotus Esprit logo

    Torpedo launcher

    • Front loaded harpoons and torpedoes


    • Opening boot, bonnet and doors


    • Headlights pop up and illuminate, working brake lights and indicators

    Spinning propellers

    • Four motorised propellers

    Limpet mine hatch

    • Limpet mine hatch

    Missile rack

    • With four surface-to-air missiles


    • Part of the submersible CCTV system

    Monaco White

    • Colour-matched paintwork

    Removable display stands

    • Angled stands for displaying the model


    Each month for 12 months you receive a box with a part of the car to build. After 12 months you will have all the sections and will have a museum quality scale replica. As everything is pre-painted and most bits are just screwed together, you get a great finished product. You can just pick it up and do a little without needing a big modelling area or skillset.

    Each box gives you a couple of Sunday afternoons enjoyment, at a leisurely pace. To build the complete car will take around 40-60 hours in total.

    If you can do LEGO or Meccano, you can do this. There’s no painting required and very little gluing as most parts are screwed together. Easy to follow build instructions are downloaded as a pdf in your choice of English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

    A screwdriver, which we will supply in the first pack so you can start immediately. Additional tools that you may find useful, but are not strictly necessary, are cutters, a hobby knife and cutting mat to detach some parts from spurs. Some joints on moving parts require a pin to be fully inserted and a pair of pliers are useful for this. Tweezers maybe helpful to help with the wheel spokes if you are building your own wheels.

    This model comes pre-painted. Each part is painted in Agora’s paint workshop to match the iconic silver birch original. This process is a combination of hand painting smaller parts and spray-painting larger parts. The bodywork is sprayed in much the same way as a real car using the paint references given by Lotus to ensure accurate colour matching. This ensures that when you complete your model, you achieve a museum-like finish and a fine replica of the original.

    Contact the 007Store customer service team with any questions. Email: or call us on +44 208 208 1166 (between 10am-4pm GMT).

    The Agora forum at is home to a big group of experts who are also on hand to help.