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James Bond Skyfall Storm Globe - Limited Edition

A 007Store exclusive. 

"Storm's coming." Discover the James Bond Skyfall Storm Globe Limited Edition. Celebrating Bond's ancestral home, this unique globe features the iconic stag from the entry to Skyfall Lodge.

Backstory. Bond’s family estate is the emotive backdrop for to the the Skyfall (2012) story. In the film, 007 'kidnaps' M and drives her up to Scotland as bait to draw out Silva. As he arrives at Skyfall Lodge he passes through the old tumbledown gateway, guarded by a single stag. The scenes that follow result in a battle with Silva's army and the destruction of Skyfall Lodge. 

Details. The storm globe is made by hand with 3D modelled, hand painted and assembled elements based on meticulous study of the Skyfall original. With a copper and verdigris, antiqued and weathered surface, the stag stands on a Scottish stone plinth amongst stony, heathery terrain. The Skyfall stone sign is weathered and cracked to reflect the original.

The inner setting is made of hand painted resin, with a mix of distilled water and a fog of very fine glitter and snow inside the blown glass globe. The base is an antiqued grey resin. Each globe is carefully packed in a fully recyclable eco-foam molded sleeve for protection, within a Skyfall themed gift box.

The storm. Shake the globe gently to start a storm of swirling fog and glittering snow that lasts for approximately 10-15 minutes.

Dimensions. Globe height 120mm, glass diameter 100mm/4", 800g

Care. The globe is made of glass and is breakable. Keep out of reach of children and do not place in direct sunlight or near direct heat.

Edition. Limited to 1,000.