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James Bond Collector's Edition Roulette Wheel - By Cammegh

Bring the casino home with the James Bond Collector’s Edition Roulette Wheel from world-leading roulette wheel makers, Cammegh.

Apart from your own personal croupier, the luxury set has everything you need for a casino night, including a perfect half-size replica of the Cammegh roulette wheel used by the globe’s finest casinos. Each set also contains a Bond Archive-certified poker chip as used in Casino Royale’s Texas hold’em poker game scene at the Hotel Splendide.

Details. This individually numbered 007 collectors edition set contains a casino-grade half size wheel, 560 coloured wheel checks, 140 value casino-grade chips, a roulette layout cloth, ball, dolly and playing guide. Up to seven people can play at once. The roulette wheel is precision-engineered by Cammegh in their factory in Kent, using the same exacting manufacturing techniques and materials used in their casino grade wheels. Cammegh’s signature scalloped separators contrast elegantly with the piano gloss black finish of the Bond wheel, while the curved ball-stops ensure maximum randomness in every game.

  • A precision engineered roulette wheel with scalloped separators, finished in piano black.
  • Featuring 007 logo in place of the 7 pocket position.
  • A nickel-plated turret engraved with 007 logo.
  • Luxury betting cloth with full-size roulette grid featuring 007 logo.
  • 700 casino grade colour wheel checks and Casino Royal inspired value chips.
  • Nickel-plated “dolly” win marker.
  • 5 x 12mm Ivorine roulette balls.
  • A Casino Royale poker chip prop from the Bond Archive.
  • The luxury set is housed in two glossy black presentation cases, each with uniquely numbered 007 metal plaques.

Dimensions. Wheel diameter is 40cm

Ordering & Delivery.  Each set is handmade to order and will take 10-12 weeks to complete. Due to the precision nature of the wheel, Cammegh's specialist shipping team will contact you post purchase to arrange delivery and confirm shipping costs.

The makers. Founded in England 32 years ago, Cammegh is a family business which has established itself as an award-winning industry leader in casino supply, manufacturing roulette wheels for casinos around the world including Les Ambassadeurs, Mayfair, London and Le Casino, Monte Carlo. Director Andrew Cammegh tells us “As a family we have collectively enjoyed the James Bond films and are thrilled to join EON’s own extended family with our beautifully designed 007 roulette wheel.”