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James Bond Aston Martin DB10 Car Keyring - Spectre Edition

A high quality James Bond Aston Martin DB10 Keyring featuring a mini reproduction of the DB10 concept car from Spectre(2015). 

Backstory. The DB10 plays a standout role in Spectre and marks the very first time that Aston Martin had created a concept car specifically for the series. Described by Q as "magnificent", it could go “0-60 in 3.2 seconds", was "fully bulletproof" and had "a few little tricks up her sleeve.” Think flame throwers, ejector seat and more. 'Borrowed' from Q's workshop by 007 to get to Sciarra's funeral in Italy, the DB10 starred in the incredible road chase through the streets of Rome, before ending up in the Tiber.

Details. The James Bond Aston Martin DB10 car keyring - Spectre edition features a 3D reproduction of the streamline DB10 in polished metal. Presented in a Spectre embossed gift box.

Dimensions. (Including keychain) L 0.5cm, W3cm, H1cm