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James Bond Blofeld No.1 SPECTRE Agent 18ct Gold Ring Prop Replica

"Me. It was all me, James. It’s always been me. The author of all your pain."

Step out of the shadows with Number 1’s gold ring, as worn by Ernst Stavro Blofeld in Spectre (2015). As befits his leadership role, Blofeld's ring is uniquely crafted in gold. Do you have what it takes to make the No. 1 Agent's ring yours? 

Backstory. Worn by all the SPECTRE agents in the 2015 film, one of these rings leads Bond to the SPECTRE meeting headed by Blofeld in Rome. A SPECTRE agent's ring was first seen in From Russia With Love (1963). It was completely remodelled for the 2015 film and played a key role in Bond's mission. Designer Dennis Gassner worked with Key Graphic Designer Laura Grant to create a new version of the symbol which is used throughout the story.

Details. The James Bond Blofeld No.1 SPECTRE Agent 18ct Gold Ring Prop Replica is molded from the original prop, then cast in .925 sterling silver and plated in 18ct gold. The iconic secret symbol is inlaid in black enamel. Each replica comes in a velvet lined ring box and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Dimensions. The replica duplicates the size of the original prop ring: US Men’s size 12 UK Size Y ½ - Inner Diameter 21.6mm.

Please note. Although this is a display ring, if you do intend to wear it please be aware that it cannot be resized without damaging the gold plating. Instead, a professional jeweller can add an insert to let you wear it on a smaller sized finger.