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James Bond Pet Bow Tie

A 007Store exclusive.

Iconic 007 style for your dogs and cats. Introducing the James Bond pet bow tie, a scaled-down replica of the 007 signature tie, available in two sizes. Designed with a Velcro attachment, the bow tie can be securely fastened to your existing pet collar. 

Details.Made from washable, quick-drying black woven fabric with a twill texture to replicate the silk bow ties worn by 007 on screen. To fit: simply open the Vecro fastening, attach around your pets collar and secure closed in the position that is most comfortable. This item has been safety and strength tested for use in the UK as suitable for domestic pets. 100% polyester.

Care.Hand wash or machine wash on a cool setting. Do not tumble dry. Replace if item is chewed or damaged.

Sizing.Choose Regular (9cm x 5cm) for a cat or small dog, Large (11cm x 8cm)for a bigger dog.