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James Bond Skyfall Scorpion Drink Set

A 007Store exclusive.  

Take yourself back to the Calis Beach Bar in Skyfall. Bond is missing, presumed dead, living by the ocean in Turkey...

Relive his deadly scorpion beach bar game with this special set, perfect to play with your choice of drink - non alcoholic or alcoholic - to enjoy with friends and family of all ages. 

Take turns balancing the metal scorpion on your hand as you take your drink.. if you waiver, it will fall. The first one to drop is out, and then it's on to the next. The last one standing wins.

Backstory.When Moneypenny takes her shot in Istanbul, Bond falls 300 feet into the water below and is presumed dead. When we see him next he is broken and living a nocturnal life. NB The scorpion used in the film was actually fully CGI, meticulously modelled from a live Blond Desert Hairy scorpion by the video FX team! 

Details. The James Bond Skyfall Scorpion Drink Set includes shot glasses, scorpion and instructions card. The four glasses are modelled on the Skyfall props and each engraved with Property of Calis Beach Bar and the 007 logo on the base. The heavy metal scorpion is meticulously modelled and has its tail raised ready to strike. The set includes an instruction card for rules of engagement and is presented in a Calis Beach Bar-themed rigid box. Play with your choice of drink.

Dimensions. Glasses H70mm, 150ml capacity