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Scalextric James Bond AMC Hornet Slot Car - The Man With The Golden Gun Edition (Pre-order)

Available to pre-order, shipping October 2024.

Become the ultimate secret agent with the Scalextric James Bond AMC Hornet Slot Car - The Man With The Golden Gun Edition. This iconic Scalextric car puts you in the driver's seat of espionage, with its sleek design and high-performance features ensuring that every race is a mission to remember.

Whether you're outrunning enemy agents or out-maneuvering rival racers via the most thrilling stunt in automotive Bond history, the AMC Hornet is your ride to adventure. So grab your gadgets, buckle up, and get ready for the race of a lifetime.

Backstory.  In the film, Bond commandeers the AMC Hornet X Hatchback from a car showroom in Bangkok, much to the surprise of Sheriff Pepper. The vacationing sheriff becomes an unwitting passenger as 007 drives the Hornet through the showroom window and purses the AMC Matador driven by Scaramanga. The Hornet’s starring moment comes as the two AMCs exit the city and Bond jumps the car 40 feet over a Thai river, the car performing a barrel turn in mid-air, twisting through 360 degrees, before landing on a bridge on the opposite bank.

Details. A replica of the racing red AMC Hornet in 1:32 scale. The slot car has rubber tyres, easy change pick-ups, high detail Magnatraction and xenon-effect headlights. It is also digital plug ready - digital plug not included. Suitable for ages 5+.