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James Bond Lotus Turbo Esprit S3 Car - For Your Eyes Only Edition - By Johnny Lightning

The James Bond Lotus Turbo Esprit S3 Car By Johnny Lightning is a 1:64 scale miniature based on the model driven in For Your Eyes Only (1981). 

Backstory. This British sportscar is used for Bond to travel to the Italian Alps. The Copper Fire bodywork stands out against the snowy slopes of Cortina when Bond's mission to retrieve a stolen missile targeting system takes him to the resort town.

Details. The model is made with authentic details from the film, using references from the Bond Archive. Made in high quality die-cast metal chassis and body, the car has real rubber tyres and superb durability. Ages 6+.

Collector's special edition. The makers make a special White Lightning collectors edition of all their 1:64 scale models and mix them in randomly with the regular cars. Will you be lucky and receive one? The White Lightning editions are highly collectible and sought after... until you open your box, you don't know if you will be lucky. The White Lightening pictured here is an example of the DB5 edition, so look out for it!

The makers. Johnny Lightning cars have thrilled collectors with their speed, detail and quality since 1969. The company specialises in muscle cars, and are tough enough for kids, while their realism and subject matter appeal to adults.