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Shadow of SPECTRE Immersive Game Experience - London Gift Voucher - By HiddenCity

Get set to play 007: Shadow of SPECTRE, an interactive treasure hunt-style game taking you across London, created by real world adventure game experts HiddenCity. Order an official voucher to play or give as a gift

The game. MI6 needs your help. It is critical you follow 007’s trail and solve the clues sent to your phone. Beginning the quest at a central London location, you will work together in teams of two to six people to follow a trail and gather intelligence. Blending the thrill of an interactive game with the magic of exploring London, you will engage in real-world interactions and conversations along the way to ultimately outsmart SPECTRE.

This is a 2-3 hour experience. As you choose your own path through the story, the decisions you make affect the outcome of the game. The story unfolds over 2 miles, on foot where you visit hand-picked venues including pubs and cafes to collect messages and clues. No prior knowledge is required of the city, or story that the game is based on. Take part in a small group of friends or get a large group together and divide into teams of two to six players. All you need is a smart phone capable of receiving messages, calls and data. You can play via SMS or WhatsApp. 

Book to play 12:30-20:00 seven days a week. For age 10+. Under 10s are free. 

Please note. If you select more players than your voucher covers, you will need to pay for the extra players during checkout. Under 18s must be supervised by adults due to licensing restrictions. 

How do I redeem my voucher?
1. Click here to go to
2. In the ticket purchase section on the page, select the number of players in your game
3. Click 'Go' (do not tick the 'Buy as a voucher' box here)
4. Select the date and time slot you would like to start your game
5. Click 'Redeem a gift voucher'
6. Enter your voucher code, and click 'Validate' - your voucher will be immediately applied to your order total
7. Input your contact details
8. Click 'Redeem'
You will then be emailed your game account details which you will use to set up your Team(s). Check out the HiddenCity website FAQ page for more details.

The makers. Innovators within real-world experiential games, HiddenCity have been winners of the Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Award for four years running. As well as 007: Shadow of SPECTRE, HiddenCity games include The Hunt for The Cheshire Cat and Moriarty’s Game: The Professor’s Invitation.