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James Bond 18ct Gold Bullion Bar Cufflinks - Goldfinger Edition

Exclusive to 007Store. Made in the UK.  

Discover the James Bond 18ct Gold Bullion Bar Cufflinks featuring mini replicas of the precious bars of Fort Knox bullion from Goldfinger (1964). The Bond Archive prop bars have been reimagined in detail as three-dimensional cufflinks, individually made by hand in England and plated in 18ct gold.

Backstory. In the 1964 film, Auric Goldfinger is on a mission to explode an atomic bomb to irradiate the US Gold Supply. He locks Oddjob, Bond and Kisch, with the bomb, in Fort Knox surrounded by bullion bars. During a resulting fight, Bond throws a gold bullion bar at Oddjob which simply bounces off the iconic henchman's chest.

Details. Custom made to replicate the Bond Archive prop references, these cufflinks have been cast in brass, hand polished and hard gold plated with 1/4 micron of 18ct gold with hallmarks. All sides are authentically detailed and to scale, with the Fort Knox reference FK8879 selected by Michael White, assistant art director on Goldfinger, on his original production sketch, on the top surface. The end is engraved with serial number 17964 to honour the release date of the film, 17th September 1964. The cufflinks are finished with a swivel back and presented in a 007 black and gold gift box.

Dimensions. 21.4mm x 9.1mm x 5.5mm

Weight. 20.1g per pair