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James Bond Carry-On Trolley Case - Octopussy Edition - By Globe-Trotter

Made to order, please allow up to 3 months for delivery.

Part of Globe-Trotter's collection honouring the 40th anniversary of Octopussy. Inspired by the iconic octopus design featured on Octopussy’s silk robe, this James Bond Carry-On Trolley Case - Octopussy Edition - by Globe-Trotter is an essential companion on shorter adventures. The ideal companion for one, two, three nights away, it will be accepted by most airlines in the cabin and never need to leave your side.

Backstory. In the film, the robe is worn by Octopussy in the Octopalace, an exotic Indian residence which is home to her women-only sisterhood. Bond arrives on the floating island disguised as a crocodile in one of Q's aquatic devices, unaware that Octopussy is watching his every move on her surveillance cameras.

Details. This is an cabin case in a classic black with a coloured Octopussy octopus design on one side. The case is made from a vulcanised fibreboard with vegetable tanned black leather trims, corners and has a burnt orange handle. The drop-in interior lining is ivory with a fabric patterned with an exclusive Octopussy x Globe-Trotter print and two sets of black webbing straps. The case has key-operated locks for security. Hardware is polished brass and the case has a special edition interior plaque, four wheels and a retractable ABS handle.

Vulcanised Fibreboard. 14 layers of recycled paper bonded with zinc creates the famous Vulcanised Fibreboard. Built to last, it’s a unique material tougher than leather and lighter than aluminium.
Corners. The iconic leather corners of Globe-Trotter cases take five days to craft and complete. And are moulded using time-honoured machinery for optimum strength and form.
Handles. The durable handles are made entirely by hand. With the core materials bonded together for 48 hours before construction even begins.
Serial plaque. Each case is truly one of a kind, individualised with its own unique serial number. Find it on a metal plaque inside your case, and use it to track your movements around the globe.
Lining. The inside of your case is an ode to your individual character. Durable and water resistant, the luxurious inner lining is meticulously crafted.
Locks. Each case comes with carbon steel locks so you can travel with peace of mind. Turn to a North-South position to unlock and East-West to lock.

Dimension. W42cm, H56cm, D21cm, Capacity 40l, weight 4.2kg, handle length 100cm

The makers. Established in 1897, Globe-Trotter suitcases and travel accessories are handcrafted in Hertfordshire, England by highly skilled artisans using original manufacturing methods and machinery that date back to the Victorian era. The 007 cases are made to order from panels of vulcanised fibreboard: a unique material invented in Britain during the 1850s that is as strong as leather and as light as aluminium. Each sheet is moulded into shape using a method patented by the company in 1901, while the case’s black leather corners are moulded on Victorian press machines over a period of five days to ensure optimum strength and form.