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James Bond Q Branch Top Trumps

Discover James Bond Q Branch Top Trumps. The new assignment requires you to familiarise yourself with thirty Q Branch vehicles and gadgets, and use this intel to battle it out with your friends and family for the title of Top Trump!

Backstory. The set features iconic weapons and tools from the series including the Moonraker wrist dart gun, Dentonite explosives and the GoldenEye Parker pen, as well as vehicles like the Q Boat, Goldfinger DB5 and the Aston Martin Vanquish.

Details. This pack of Top Trumps Limited Editions celebrates some of Q Branch's most incredible gadgets, Bond's spontaneity and resourcefulness when it comes to their usage, and some of 007's foes’ most fiendish devices. Find out which car has the best Technology rating, which gadget is the best disguised, and which is Bond’s most recent piece of kit. Recapping a series of stunning moments from the film franchise, this deck is guaranteed to thrill Top Trumps lovers and movie fans alike. Play with any number of opponents, anywhere - the protective case means there are no limits on gameplay.

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