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The James Bond Vicenzo Fedora Hat - On Her Majesty's Secret Service Edition - By Lock & Co.

Introducing the James Bond Vicenzo Fedora Hat, part of the 007 x Lock & Co. limited edition collection. An elegant design for women, this hat is inspired by one worn by Teresa 'Tracy' di Vicenzo in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

60 years of James Bond style combines with Lock & Co.'s 346 year hat-making heritage, cementing a long-standing relationship between the two British brands. Designs are inspired by the past and present, referencing archive hats from the series.

Details. A beautifully elegant women’s Andalusian style fedora handmade from 100% black Escorial wool with a flat brim and satin lining. This exquisitely finished piece is the ultimate accessory. Made in a limited series, the collector's piece is crafted by hand in the traditional way using historic millinery techniques. The particularly fine quality of wool comes from a rare sheep breed founded by King Philip II of Spain in 1584. Escorial is a rare and luxurious wool, which today can only be found in small numbers in Australia and New Zealand. The Escorial fibre is like a curled spring and when stretched throughout the production processes its natural memory returns it to the original curled state. It is this characteristic that makes Escorial hats lightweight and resilient.

Wear straight on or slightly tilted for the ultimate style statement. Presented in a signature Lock & Co. 007 gold and black hat box. 

Dimensions. Square crown H10cm, flat brim W9.5cm

Size guide. To find your size, measure by placing a soft tape measure around your head, positioned mid-forehead and just above the ears. Find the corresponding size in cm or inches on the hat size chart in our image gallery. 

Care. Keep stored in a hat box away from direct sunlight. To clean, steam and brush with a hard bristle hat brush to remove dust and dirt, brushing the hat using short strokes, following the natural direction of the fibre. If wet, dry away from direct heat, using a clean, absorbent cloth or sponge. 

The makers. Established in 1676, Lock & Co. is the oldest hat shop in the world, the oldest shop in London and one of the oldest family-owned businesses still in existence. No matter the customer, what everyone has come to expect from Lock & Co. is the best: the best designs, the best fabrics, the best service. Their designs have graced the heads of some of the greatest figures in history from Admiral Lord Nelson, Sir Winston Churchill and Oscar Wilde, to David Beckham, Benedict Cumberbatch and Kate Moss. Founded by James Lock, the company is now run by the 7th generation of the family from the shop at No. 6 St. James’s Street, London and holds two Royal Warrants.