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007 James Bond DB5 Junior - By The Little Car Company

Introducing a collaboration between The Little Car Company, 007 and Aston Martin.

The 007 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Junior Car - No Time To Die Edition by The Little Car Company is a fully drivable two-thirds scale version of the original and comes with all the film gadgets, special effects and a fully electric powertrain.
The car has been designed as a convertible, to give seating for an adult and child side by side. Only 125 vehicles will be built, making this the ultimate collector’s item for Bond fans. Backstory. The car has been created following extensive development and months of collaboration between the three companies.
The original Aston Martin DB5 was 3D-scanned for reference, allowing a completely accurate reproduction. Whilst some elements of the car have been replicated, such as the Smiths instruments on the dashboard, some elements have been reimagined for the modern era. Oscar-winning special effects supervisor Chris Corbould OBE, has worked on fifteen James Bond films, and consulted with The Little Car Company on the development of the car’s complex gadgets in miniature. “When I saw the DB5 Junior in the flesh, I was amazed at how identical it is to the full-sized car – it’s stunning. It’s an amazing feat of engineering.” Details.
The car has the iconic silver birch paintwork, Smiths instruments, individually numbered chassis plates and Aston Martin badging. Gadgets are operated by individual controls in a hidden switch panel in the passenger door. At the push of a button, the headlights drop to reveal a twin set of simulated Gatling guns, complete with imitation barrel blasts and flashes. There’s also a unique digital number plate and just like the original car, this special edition can produce a smoke screen to aid a successful getaway. Ejected through the rear ‘exhaust’, the smoke has a supply tank which supplies an hour of safe smoke before it needs topping up.
The DB5 Junior gives you automatic membership of the Aston Martin Owners Club and The Little Car Club, allowing you to take part in exclusive events where you and your guests can drive their DB5 Juniors on the most prestigious racetracks. Price. The car is made to order and is priced £90,000 plus taxes and delivery. 007Store will take your deposit and the order will be fulfilled by The Little Car Company.